The Stork


Maggie: So when we were in our mommy’s tummy that’s when we were created? First our bones, then the slimy stuff, then our skin and our little fingers? Daddy, how did mommy get pregnant? Oh I know. The baby just comes down from heaven and gets in her tummy.



My little ponies
Equestria girls
Palace pets
My own lantern
Bows made by mama
A whole Elsa collection of stuff
New socks, pants, shirts, dresses
“New pairs of underwears (it all rhymes!)
There’s just sooooOOOooOoOOoo much I want for Christmas. Do you have any ideas of stuff I might want for Christmas? Oh oh oh oh and you know the Palace Pet app? I want a new Palace Pet.”

Minecraft (or any) Legos
iTunes gift card
Chinese playmobil figures
A banana
Anything with a marble

Dream Big, Kids


Tommy: When I grow up, I want to be a movie maker. If they haven’t thought of Lego Movie 2 by then, I’ll make that. Or Incredibles 2. I’ll be like the next Disney or something.

Maggie: I want to be an inventor. But all girls probably want to be inventors. Except Rebekah wants to be a princess.

Tommy: THAT’S not gonna happen.

Bedtime Stream of Consciousness


Wait wait wait wait wait. I’m confused about Jesus.
Was he a baby when he came out or a huma…a grown up?

What’s a pussycat?

[Me: Maggie, lie down.] her: I can’t! …Because I don’t want to.

How can I see with these eyes that are just white and brown? Does anybody have pink eyes? I wish I had pink eyes.

Do you know what a hootenanny is?

Is there a way to go to sleep? There’s got to be a cure for that. Tell me. Teeeelllll. Meeeeee!!!!

Do you know who Bethlehem is?