Mommy, out.


Bathroom! Please! Can’t I just go to the bathroom without someone yelling for me and then having a meltdown because I didn’t answer? I’m just talking pee here. I KNOW it’s too much to ask for a legit poop break.


The Little Liusers love Jim Gaffigan. Tommy told me he dreamed about him last night. In the dream, JG was doing tricks on a water fountain. Then a girl came out and did better tricks.

I was listening to Gaffigan’s audio book Dad Is Fat and Maggie asked “is that guy real? I want to meet him.” Or maybe she meant she wanted to meet his kids. She kind of mumbled at the end.


Tommy read three of those tiny books today. (with a generous amount of help but still) so exciting. 

I tried to get him to read to Maggie, but she wouldn’t have it. Said she could read it herself. :sigh:

Also, he packed her a morning snack before he went to bed.